Winning betting is every betmaker’s dream, but how can you make that dream come true? What are the secrets of winning betting?

Betting is one of the oldest in the world as a hobby – after all, the first indications of that already exist well before the beginning of time. It’s also an extremely popular hobby, but what if the goal is someone other than betting as a hobby – let’s just say winning betting?

In this article, we will look at the secrets behind the winning bet. However, it may already reveal that clicking on the fingers in any way to turn this hobby into a winning bet in the long run does not happen by clicking your fingers, it really requires work. So if you’re seriously concerned that you want to be a winning bettor and maybe one day even a professional, which is your own chapter, then you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves, so to speak.

Bankroll management is everything A and O

Before we start analyzing other very important elements of winning betting, we want to highlight one thing: bankroll management.

If your bankroll control is poor, then you can forget about winning bets immediately. In other words, you should play consistently in moderation and wiseness, all the time taking into account the size of your bankrode. So don’t go in and place bets that you can’t afford and leave the absurd risk targets or multiple-item trucks out of betting immediately, as they don’t create anything but resentment and bankroll emptiness.

The word “restraint” is also an essential part of the bankrole management. In other words, don’t force yourself to  bet on some items if there’s nothing sensible for that day. Also, don’t bet on series, events or leagues that you don’t have that heavenly knowledge of. Instead, play smart and moderation, constantly controlling your bankroll.

Self-monitoring, i.e. accounting

When you bet, you might have some idea of which bets have brought other numbers to your player account than just round zero, but this notion might be misleading. So you can think that Serie A and 1X2 destinations, for example, are your greatest area of strength, but in reality this may not be the case, but you may have created an illusion around you.

It is of the utmost importance to every bettor who wants a winning bet that, as part of your betting, there is a pen and paper next to you – or, alternatively, a  memo from an electronic device. In other words, you should record the bets you place, because only then can you be 100% sure that you know which sports and leagues and what style the destinations are your greatest strength.

For each bet you place, it is advisable to record at least the following for each bet you place: multiplier, target, sport, match/event, bet, date, series and betting company where you placed your bet. When you write these things down, you already have an excellent lead on what kind of bets your bankrole has taken a hit on and in what situations it has gained weight.

Positive bet expected

What on earth does the trio of words mean by “positive expectation value of a bet”? It’s an essential part of winning betting, as the positive expectation value of a bet means money in a long run, as long as the bets you place follow a certain policy.

Well, then how do you get to grips with this positive expectation value of the bet, i.e. how do you form one?

Let’s say you’ve found an attractive odds of over 5.5 goals on some betting site for the Ilves-SaiPa match. The multiplier offered by that site is 2.10. You’ve collected all the relevant information on offer about that destination, maybe gone checking out free bet tips from some reliable source, checking team formations, going through statistical history, and so on. With this go through, you’ve formed the probability that your bet will hit and you think the bet will hit 55 percent.

So now you have in your hands the odds of hitting your bet. That percentage 55 is changed to decimales, or 0.55. That decimal place is multiplied by the factor offered by the betsite, i.e. a multiplication of 0.55 x 2.10. The answer is 1,155, which means you have found an over factor. An over factor has been found if the input of that multiplication exceeds 1.00. So that means that in the long run, when you hit such targets and bets, the word pair of “winning betting” will come true.

Odds, singles and yes – those betting bonuses too

Odds play an extremely important role in winning betting. If one site offers a multiplier of 2.00 for one site and 2.20 on another site, then it’s definitely worth grabbing the better multiplier on offer, because in the long run you could lose thousands, thousands of euros and thousands of euros just because you haven’t taken advantage of the market doctrine, i.e. the best multiplier available.

Another extremely important point is how many items you hit on your betting vouchers. If you forgo a truck on your bib, i.e. many items, for the same bet and go chasing giant odds, you’re a long way from winning betting. So, almost without exception, focus on playing singles items.

And then those betting bonuses. The best betting bonuses offer new customers huge amounts of extra bonus money, not forgetting free bets and risk-free bets. Winning betting is challenging, especially in the early stages, when patience may be put to the test and the bankroon is quite small. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the available wagering bonuses, i.e. bonus money, as they allow you to increase your bankros well.

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